I want to have a background video in the header of the page. What should I consider?

Great idea! A background video can immediately capture visitors' attention and create a visually engaging experience. It adds dynamism and vibrancy to the page, making it more attractive and memorable.

  1. The video must be smaller than 30 MB in one of the following formats: webm, mp4, mov, or ogg.
  2. The background video can't have sound; it's essentially a moving picture. If you want something with the ability to turn the sound on, I can do it, but it will be an entirely different thing.
  3. Considerations for colors and content: There will be text overlaying it, and the text should remain readable. I can apply a color overlay over the video. It's important to strike a balance between text readability and video visibility.
  4. In most cases, it will not scale nicely on mobile. Usually, a separate video for mobile is created.
  5. The video in the header will slightly slow down the initial page load and the first page print, although not tremendously. But it will still have an impact.