I would like to add a bar featuring the logos of my partners/clients. I want to ensure that all the logos are in my brand color. Can you assist with this?

Changing the color of logos can be a delicate matter. While I'm not a legal expert and cannot provide legal advice, my understanding is that if the modifications we make to the logos deviate from the official brand guidelines, it could potentially lead to issues. Major companies typically provide alternative versions of their logos with fewer or secondary colors, or even a negative version (light for use on a dark background). Adhering to these guidelines helps ensure compliance.

An acceptable compromise could be making the logos entirely white or black, although it's somewhat less than ideal. However, I would recommend against changing logo colors to match your brand color. Before we consider any color modifications, let's try to use them in their original colors. Here's an example of how a grid of colorful logos can look clean and visually appealing.

logo bar example screenshot