How can I add a table to a blog post or other CMS item in Webflow?

As of January 2024, Webflow doesn't offer a native feature to directly add tables to CMS items. However, it's still possible by inserting HTML code for a table into the rich text body of your blog post. The code might look something like this:

example of simple html code for table

Don't worry if you're not comfortable writing HTML code. There are several methods to easily create and insert tables:

Online Table Generators: Use websites designed to generate table HTML code. You simply input your data and preferences, and the site generates the code for you. A good example is

Screenshot from table generator website

Finsweet Table App: This app lets you visually create and style a table on a static Webflow page. Once you’re happy with it, publish the page, extract the HTML code using the Inspector mode, and paste it into the rich text field of your CMS item.

finsweet table generator

ChatGPT Assistance: Provide ChatGPT with your data from Excel or a spreadsheet, and ask it to convert this into an HTML table. ChatGPT can also help with customizations, especially if you're specific about what you need.

prompt to ChatGPT about its ability to convert excel to html table

These are three methods I commonly use and recommend. When a client needs a table, I either offer to hand off the data to me for integration directly into their blog post or conduct a brief tutorial session. In this session, I explain the above methods and assist in choosing the best approach for their needs.

A Note on Mobile Responsiveness: Tables can be tricky on mobile devices. They may not fit the screen properly, become too small, or cause horizontal scrolling. To avoid such issues, always check how your table looks and behaves on mobile devices before finalizing it.