Can I selectively hide specific pages of a collection from Google search?

Absolutely. While Webflow doesn't provide native support for this feature *(updated, see below), it can be set up. Once configured, you'll have complete control over which pages are discoverable by Google and which ones are not.

Website owners and marketing teams often choose to hide certain pages from Google for SEO purposes. This strategic decision allows them to prioritize which pages search engines crawl and index. By excluding non-essential pages, the focus can be on optimizing key pages for better search engine visibility.

Although there isn't a dedicated button for this option, the setup process is relatively straightforward. Once configured, the maintenance is manageable, providing a means to ensure that only the most relevant pages are exposed to search engines.

UPDATE: in 2024 Webflow added Sitemap indexing toggle to static page settings. Pages with indexed disabled this way will not be included to site's sitemap. You can only disable indexing with the toggle if you’ve enabled your site’s auto-generated sitemap.

The Sitemap indexing toggle adds <meta content="noindex" name="robots"> to your site page. This prevents the page from being crawled and indexed by search engines.