I need a cookie consent for my website. Could you incorporate one?

Certainly! I can integrate any third-party solutions you prefer, or I can add an incredibly powerful cookie consent plugin specifically designed for Webflow from Finsweet.

The advantage of the latter option is that it's free, doesn't require any monthly or yearly payments, and is GDPR compliant.

The banner users see is fully customizable, allowing us to keep it simple or have some fun with it.

Cookie consent banner example
Cookie consent banner example


There are a couple of options to choose from. The first one is an informational cookie message (not GDPR compliant) or what's called 'implied disclosure.' This type of cookie compliance informs users that cookies will be used on the site.

Another option is 'Opt-out of cookies,' a type of cookie compliance that loads cookies by default on the user's first visit to the site. The user then has the option to either continue browsing the site with cookies or deny them. If the user chooses to continue browsing with cookies, nothing happens, and they can proceed to use the site as usual. If the user opts to deny cookies, we remove the cookies from their browser, allowing them to continue browsing the site while disabling all scripts that issue non-essential cookies.

The third option is 'Opt-in to cookies,' which is a higher level of cookie compliance. It requires the user to specifically accept the use of cookies on the site before any cookies are issued. No cookies are given until the user clicks "Accept" or a similar confirmation button. If the user accepts cookies, we activate all scripts that use cookies, and they can continue using the site with cookies. It's important to note that scripts using cookies are not loaded on the page until the user explicitly accepts the cookie message. If the user chooses to "Deny" cookies, we allow them to continue browsing the site while disabling all scripts that issue non-essential cookies. They won't receive any cookies and will maintain this status throughout their time on your website.

With options 2 and 3, there's the possibility to add a Preference Manager—a button that enables users to open the Preferences component and change their cookie consent preferences.

Preference Manager for Cookie Consent example
Preference manager for cookie consent