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about the client

A group of martial arts enthusiasts decided to transform their passion into a secondary source of income. Based in Canada, they currently prefer to remain unnamed.

About the project


The main goal was to develop a scalable and user-friendly digital structure capable of hosting thousands of articles in the future. This platform had to be intuitively designed, enabling individuals without web development expertise to easily add and edit blog posts.


A primary objective from the outset was a strong emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The goal is to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings swiftly, leveraging all available on-page SEO techniques and strategies.


This project's peculiarity lies in its adaptability. Initially, the blog featured a simple layout with a basic grid of articles. In the second stage, new features such as a search bar and a Martial Arts Atlas were added to enhance user engagement. Further, after monitoring user behavior and interests, a categorization system and advanced navigation bar were introduced. This project is to be considered an ongoing endeavor that evolves in response to stakeholder needs. Such an approach enables greater sensitivity to market fluctuations and allows for the division of investments into manageable segments for more effective funds management.


This project includes meticulous ongoing monitoring of the website's performance metrics, a key aspect in gauging its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement. The continuously tracked metrics for this project include:

  • Page Load Speed and Performance Score: Monitored using Lighthouse, providing a comprehensive performance analysis (refer to the performance screenshot below).
  • Heatmaps and User Recordings: Tracked using Hotjar, these tools offer insights into user interactions and behavior on the website.
  • SEO Metrics: Google Search Console is utilized to track the website's search engine ranking, keyword performance, backlinks, and other crucial SEO-related metrics.
  • Web Traffic and User Behavior: Google Analytics is employed to monitor overall website traffic and analyze user behavior patterns.
Lighthouse report for


It's a big luck to have such project in the portfolio, as it offers us the opportunity to observe its evolution closely and respond proactively to the website's immediate needs and implement stakeholders plans. We will keep you updated on future developments through our blog, so stay tuned for more insights and progress updates.

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