Maximizing Your Website's Earnings: Ad Revenue with Ezoic

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a technology platform that helps website owners improve their website's user experience, engagement, and revenue through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Ezoic offers a suite of tools and services that can help website owners optimize their website's design, layout, and content for different devices. It also provides features like ad revenue optimization, site speed acceleration, and user behavior analytics.

Ezoic's machine learning algorithms use data to test different layouts, ad placements, and content combinations to determine the optimal user experience and revenue generation for a website. This helps website owners to increase their website's traffic, engagement, and revenue.

In simple terms, If you have a website with consistent traffic and want to monetize it with ads, you may consider using Ezoic. They'll place ads on your site and you earn money when people click or view them. Ezoic takes a 10% commission from your earnings with their standard plan, but you get a suite of tools to manage and improve your site.

What are requirements for Ezoic monetization?

Monetization features are available to all sites. There are no pageview requirements but sites with less than 10,000 pageviews must join through a program called Access Now. While there is no pageview requirement, Ezoic recommends that publishers have at least 500-1,000 visits per month to make it worth joining Ezoic Access Now. This program requires an educational course. After completion, the approval process can remain pending up to 10 days.

How much can you make with Ezoic?

The amount of money you can earn using Ezoic depends on several factors, such as your website's traffic volume, ad placement, ad format, and user engagement. Additionally, the type of ads displayed on your website and the advertisers bidding on them can also affect your earnings. Certain niches and industries may have higher paying ads than others.

As an example, a client of mine with a daily visit count of around 600-700 makes approximately $3-4 per day, resulting in an average monthly income of around $120.
Ezoic dashboard screenshot: Revenue on a daily basis details
Revenue on a daily basis
Ezoic dashboard screenshot: Two month earnings
Two month earnings

In addition to providing the opportunity to earn revenue, Ezoic also offers additional value by providing access to their suite of tools and technologies and an advanced dashboard. This can potentially consolidate several third-party tools for analytics and SEO, making website management more efficient."

What technologies are available with a standard Ezoic account?

Ezoic dashboard screenshot: sidebar
Ezoic dashboard

Humix. It’s an all-in-one solution for video hosting, video sharing, and embedding network videos.

Flickify. It turns your written content into professional-looking videos.

Leap. Leap provides everything from optimization features to diagnostics so that websites can pass Core Web Vitals.

NicheIQ. NicheIQ was made to help sites find topics and manage their pages specifically to grow quality visits and revenue from display ads

What are some other platforms similar to Ezoic?

There are several other platforms similar to Ezoic that offer website optimization, ad revenue optimization, and other related services.

  1. Google AdSense - A popular advertising program that allows website owners to monetize their traffic by displaying relevant ads.
  2. AdThrive - A platform that provides website owners with ad management, optimization, and monetization services.
  3. Mediavine - A platform that offers website optimization, ad management, and revenue optimization services for publishers.
  4. Monumetric - A platform that helps website owners to monetize their website traffic through ad optimization and revenue management.
  5. Propeller Ads - A platform that offers website optimization, ad optimization, and revenue optimization services for publishers.

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Written By
Karina Demirkilic
Founder | Lead Developer and Designer