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UPLevel specializes in contact center solutions across North America. The company is a recognized leader in the market, boasting more than 50 years of experience. UPLevel is a trusted partner for customer care, intake, sales and help desk support. With more than 20 services on offer for their clients, UPLevel continues to grow. After the website redesign and migration to Webflow was complete, UPLevel was acquired by CRM Group of Companies.

Main Challenges


Increase current clients’ engagement and awareness

With over 20 services on offer, UPLevel was seeking a more efficient way to inform their current clients about their entire range of capabilities. At the same time, it was important to ensure that potential clients were aware of all the services they could access in one place. Utilizing the power of the mega menu and structuring the homepage accordingly, we created a friendly and informative layout for better engagement.


Create a marketing-friendly website

Moving to Webflow has given the marketing team greater control, as all changes can now be made quickly and with minimal effort. In addition, these changes are expected to significantly reduce the website’s maintenance costs in the future. Scalable and dynamic, the renewed website has become a powerful tool in the hands of the marketing team.


Share UPLevel’s mission, vision, and story

UPLevel is proud to have been nominated twice for Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures. Their mission and vision are not just words. Rather, they represent an intentionally chosen path they measure their decisions against. It was important for UPLevel to share those values through engaging and inclusive design.



My client is amazed by how easy it is to update and maintain the website in Webflow. We are now observing slow but steady growth in unique visitor numbers every week. The lead-capturing model is working successfully and has already attracted new clients.

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