Laura's Beauty Treats

about the client

I was recommended to Laura by one of my previous clients. Laura runs a beauty studio that has recently switched its business model from being mobile to stationary. She needed a new website that would reflect this change and upscale her personal brand. She was also very decisive about switching from WordPress to Webflow for SEO reasons.

Main Challenges


Laura's beauty business was not her primary source of income, and it was crucial for her to maintain focus on her main enterprise. As a result, she had limited time and resources to invest in the website. This was the deciding factor in choosing to use a template.


We selected the Beauteria template, a one-page website, with the understanding that it would need to be expanded by adding new sections, pages, and a blog to meet our needs.


The decision to use a template proved to be a wise choice, as it significantly reduced the time and effort that would have otherwise been invested in the design process. By opting for a template, we were able to bypass the initial stages of design, such as conceptualization and prototyping, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Instead, we were able to focus on customizing the template to meet our specific needs and preferences, resulting in a well-designed website in a fraction of the time.



In conclusion, my client was thrilled with the final result of her website, which was modern, user-friendly, and properly structured. The website has improved its search engine performance, and we have continued the collaboration. This project serves as a strong testament to the benefits of using templates, as it saved my client significant time and effort that would have been required for a custom design. Had we chosen a custom design, the project completion timeline would have likely extended to 2-4 weeks longer.

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