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Continental Store Fixture Group is Canada-based store fixture business that has been serving the Canadian and U.S. retail markets for more than 40 years.

About the project


Our recent web design and development project for Continental Store Fixture Group aimed to modernize their brand image and online presence while preserving their legacy of over 40 years in the industry. The goal was to showcase their experience and commitment to quality while emphasizing their ability to adapt to modern business realities.


The updated website now offers visitors a sleek and contemporary interface that clearly outlines the benefits of partnering with Continental Store Fixture Group. Despite not being an e-commerce platform, all products are meticulously listed with detailed descriptions and sketches for enhanced visualization, empowering potential clients to explore their offerings comprehensively. To facilitate orders, visitors are encouraged to contact the sales department directly, ensuring a personalized experience while laying the groundwork for future e-commerce integration.

Product description from the website
Product page

A key aspect of the project was the implementation of a sophisticated yet intuitive categorization system, designed to help both potential and existing clients navigate the website seamlessly. This ensures that visitors can easily find the products and services they need, enhancing user experience and ultimately driving business growth.

Product modular page
Product modular page


By successfully updating their brand image and website, Continental Store Fixture Group is now better positioned to engage with clients in the digital age, while maintaining their reputation for excellence and reliability built over four decades of industry leadership."

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